Our Vocation – Marriage – could use a Retreat

Recently, the priests in our Diocese went away on “convocation” for a week. Was this a vacation or was it a retreat? it was probably both.  Does the Bishop send the priests on convocation every year because he understands their vocation of Holy Orders will be renewed?  Of course. Are the priests refreshed and rested? Yes indeed. And do Religious sisters in their communities take a yearly retreat? Yes, they do. What a great tradition!

So why don’t married couples nourish their Sacrament, their vocation with a retreat? Well, Marriage Encounter offers one. The Weekend together renews our vocation to each other. And what about attending a retreat annually? Why not?

All marriages could benefit from a yearly reminder of the important aspects of respect, love, forgiveness, and better communication. Why not attend a Marriage Encounter weekend every year or two? We call this an “anniversary weekend.” Make yours today. There is a retreat made just for YOU this November 10-12. Find a petsitter, call a grandparent, make it happen to make your marriage…your vocation a priority.

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