Help us help you!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is all about the couples who attend.  We wish we could hold weekends for any number of couples; however, given fixed costs and some of our hotel contractual obligations, we need to have a minimum number of couples in order to be able to responsibly make a weekend happen.

This is where you can really help us out.  In the event that we have not reached a minimum number of confirmed registrations for a weekend by three weeks out, we will have no choice but to cancel that weekend.  We understand it isn’t always possible to know that far in advance for everyone, but the more who do make the commitment more than three weeks in advance, the better the likelihood the weekend will go.

January 2017 is a prime example.  At the three week mark, we were perilously close to canceling the weekend.  On the basis of some advertising, grassroots inviting, and prayer, we called it a “go” anyway and sat on pins and needles hoping the applications would continue to come in.  This time around, we were blessed and they did.  So much so, in fact, that the weekend filled completely.  If even just a few of the 11 (!) couples who registered after the three week mark had registered just a little earlier, we could have avoided any question the weekend would have been viable.

Help us to help you.  Please sign up for your weekend more than three weeks before the date.  For your reference, the three week mark for our April 7 weekend is March 17.  Make St. Patrick proud and sign up early!